Dining Chair

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Made in Denmark by Overgaard Dyrman


The Circle Dining Chair comes in a wide range of materials - spanning from four types of wooden finishes, brass and stainless steel fittings, to unlimited possibilities in leather and fabric upholstery combinations.

Available in various leather and fabric upholstery options. COL and COM is possible. Available with arms or without arms.

Dimensions: 31.2”H | 17.7" W | 21.6" D | Seat Height: 18.1”

The Circle Chair is the first piece in the new Circle Collection, continuing Overgaard & Dyrman’s commitment to timeless materials, modern engineering, and traditional craftsmanship.

From ancient mathematicians like Euclid to Leonardo Da Vinci, to Denmark’s own Hans J. Wegner, the circle has always fascinated dreamers and makers. As a symbol of beauty and balance the ‘perfect geometry’ of the circle has inspired the curiosity and creativity of architects and astronomers, philosophers and physicists. Continuing in this tradition, the inspiration for the new ‘Circle Collection’ is rooted in the eternal elegance of the circle.

The design of the Circle Chair was guided by the graceful arcs and inviting curves of a circle and a quest for balance in composition. Also, the compass, used to draw the preliminary shapes, played a central role in how the final design turned out. Crafted with both new and traditional techniques, including CNC machinery and traditional wood joinery, the O&D Circle Chair possesses a light and elegant expression. Because the Circle Chair has been designed as practical object d’art, it is meant to be viewed and enjoyed from all sides, with each angle offering a unique perspective of the ever-inspiring circle.

Made to order. The Circle Dining Chair will be ready for delivery from October, but we accept orders from today. Please contact us for further info on materials and optional combinations.

Made to order. Delivery for your piece to be created and shipped to your location starting October 2019.

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